My brother is working at NBC’s Studios in the heart of the evil beast. He’s doing something at the Tonight Show Studios and sees Jay Leno’s parking spot everyday.  He’ll be sending a picture of Jay’s car everyday until security catches him or sees this website. No worries, it’s just a job.

How long are you going to be out there Brian? He’s got a lot of cars I hear.

If Monday’s entry is an indication, we’ll be grading his parking skills regularly.

Please assist in identifiying the vehicles using the comments.


And remember Brian, you are an Emmy winner. Don’t take any crap off that guy!

Update!   In our sporatic search for the best in quality programming, is proud to announce that we’ve secured the services of TV’s Ed McMahon to officiate in our Identify Jay’s Car/Parking Contest (No prizes offered or implied).  Mr. McMahon says, “It’s great to be once again associated with the Tonight Show. I’ll be expensing my lunch at Denny’s.”