A milestone in the growth of our sleezy media outlet but Brian punk’d out on us today. He got to meet Jay and didn’t  even mention that we were digitally stalking his car collection. He gave Jay some lame story about “sending my dad a picture”. That’s some weak stalkin’ fool, if Jay doesn’t get the creeps, you ain’t doing your job!

He asked if Jay had a Vincent Black Shadow, (one of Dad’s favorites) to which Jay replied, ” No, I have 10 Vincent Black Shadows”.  It’s good to be Jay, especially if you are being stalked by a wus like Brian.

I’ve told Brian that he is to coerce Jay into commenting on the blog. That might push us over one hundred views per day. Bloggin’ big-time people.

Seriously, Brian said Jay was really nice and they talked about his cars and bikes for a bit. Anyone think Brian mentioned that he too was an Emmy winner?

If none of this makes sense, or if you just want to look at the pretty cars, start at the beginning and work forward:  https://wkincheloe.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/jays-cars/